With over 40 years of UAE & Gulf experience, we can help your business expand and succeed in the Middle East.
Our Mission
Our mission is to become a leading Consulting firm providing A-Z solutions to its customers under one roof, in the most professional and cost effective manner, supported by a team of experienced staff that is well acquainted with business environment of the UAE.
Our Vision
We help small and medium size businesses gain competitive advantage in the field by sharing with them our vast local and professional experience, and by creating customized experience for every client.
M.I.M. Business Consultants was founded in 2012 with the purpose of providing small and medium size companies with easy business solutions with their insurance programs and helping companies relocate or set up new ventures in Dubai and UAE.
We specialize in insurance consulting but also function as a one stop shop for all consulting services for investors and entrepreneurs that are interested in operating in the UAE.  Our professional team of experts will help guide you from start to finish, to ensure that your requirements are fully met, and that your experience with getting started in U.A.E. is seamless and pleasant.
For more information on how we can help you, please visit our ‘Services’ page.
Dubai has been one of the most exciting and volatile economic stories of the 21st century.
The tiny economy has developed into a world city that is a business and cultural focal point in the Middle East, and it has the attention of the world. Tourism and real estate drive the economy, and there seems to be a never-ending development of innovative and over-the-top projects. - Business Insider
Glimpses of Dubai
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